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County Collections Ltd, Registered Address :- 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR , United Kingdom.

Legal Services


Debt collection litigation is a specialist field. Our talented in-house legal team can manage all aspects of the legal enforcement of debt recovery either separately or as part of our total debt collection service.


Legal Only Service


This service means our legal specialists prepare the requisite documentation at every stage of the legal process and support you through this process but leaving you in control of the underlying debt collections activity.


Legal Action


Unfortunately instances can arise where legal action needs to be issued for payment from your debtor to be achieved. Litigation is a complex process and is best facilitated by specialists. in addition to our own specialists, County Collections has a nationwide network of law firms with which it has longstanding relationships. These relationships enable County Collections to offer cost effective options for our clients where litigation is complex and defended.


County Collections can facilitate legal action in conjunction with these external law firms.


In our experience, we have seen legal action result in successful recovery if the following criteria are met:


  •       There is an expectation that your defaulting customer can pay
  •       The individual's whereabouts is known


We have seen that the act of taking legal action demonstrates to the defaulting customer the seriousness of the situation and can often encourage immediate settlement of an outstanding account